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ATTACHMENT is a fiction / horror story that takes the reader outside the norm of its designed genre. From the novel's humble beginnings to its awesome conclusion. I wanted to ensure that the audience have a unique, fun and exhilarating story it could enjoy. "ATTACHMENT" is a tale about "A Self-indulged millennial struggling to balance the pressures of a rising career and budding social life under the watchful eye of a growing menace manifesting through his obsession of a Silent Film Goddess from a by-gone era.

Terrance Nathan loves writing. He started his journey as a writer at an early age. Terrance Nathan favorite genres are Fantasy/Adventure and Horror. This Author enjoys collaborating with his teenage son who is an aspiring AUTHOR. Terrance Nathan characters in his books reflects those unique individuals that he encounters in passing and at his job which is in the manufacturing industry. Terrance  Nathan would like to acknowledge Mr. Stephen King, Mrs. J.K Rowling and the late Maya Angelou. Special mention to all of the professional and aspiring Authors out there. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  P.S A special thanks goes out to all my readers for their support of my debut novel "ATTACHMENT."


This book is a good read. I like that the way the book was set up as a screenplay the letters were easy to read the way he separated the characters. They made it very easy to read it was always a mystery a little scary and a surprise at the end I will give this book a five stars for some very good reading.


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