Book Production 101: Book Cover Designing

As an author, one of the most significant stages in self-publishing your book is designing the cover. Of course, the more attractive and interesting your book’s cover is, the more it gives an impact to your marketing, and probably, sales. If you want your book to become successful, it’s necessary to handle the entire process carefully.

In this blog, I will share with you what are the parts that you need to focus on if you want your book’s cover to be aesthetically pleasing.

Never judge a book by its cover is an ambiguous cliche in the publishing world because almost every person who looks at your book does exactly the same. You should know that a great cover can definitely sell your book while a bad one can sink even the most dramatic and wonderfully written book.

A design that doesn’t match your book’s genre can cause a disaster, the ones that are difficult, or let’s say, costly to fix. I had this kind of mistake before when I was writing my debut novel Attachment, which falls in the horror genre. However, my first book cover was not as menacing and creepy as it is now, hence, I encourage you not to do the mistake I did because it’s stressful and overwhelming in the long run.

You should also understand that nailing the right book cover design will attract your target audience and will lead your book to success, regardless of the marketing strategy you apply.

Whether you’re looking to spend money on a customized or personalized cover or save some cash by ordering a pre-made one, it is highly recommended to learn the genre where your book belongs to keep errors at bay.

What’s a good book cover?

Authors are artists and one of the mistakes they make when it comes to choosing book covers is they tend to focus on the genre or the story. Others make it as an expression of their soul. However, your book cover is a marketing tool, something that is designed to lure and attract readers into buying your book. Take note that the readers are not just any readers but they are considered as the right readers.

Keep in mind that most readers will see your book cover as a small preview in e-commerce sites, not in its full glory high-resolution. Hence, it’s recommended to design your book cover as striking yet straightforward to grab the attention of the readers so they can decipher it at a glance.

Aside from that, a fantastic book cover conveys the story, the genre, and the elements of your story by simply looking at it. Also, as the author, you should distinguish the difference between various genres and subgenres to avoid complicating the cover.

Choosing the right book cover that will stand out among the rest will give you an edge, not only to other books similar in genre but in terms of marketing and promotion. If you focus on these tips, creating an aesthetically pleasing book cover that attracts audiences can be achieved in no time!

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