Learn Everything about my Book Attachment in this Author Spotlight from Blueprint

I have worked with Blueprint Press Internationale with my book’s rebranding project. So far, everything is doing good and well. I am also grateful to be featured on their website, specifically in the Author’s Spotlight section.

I’ll share with you the things we’ve talked about in my book Attachment.

How would you describe the genre of your book?

Terrance Nathan: I would describe the genre of “ATTACHMENT “ as being a hybrid of a novel. It’s predominantly a horror-based genre with a touch of comedy.

How did you come up with your book title?

Terrance Nathan: The title “ATTACHMENT” was stitched into my consciousness from the very start of the creation of the manuscript. Being attached to an object, idea or a person can turn from harmless to dangerous on a whim. A person would do anything to keep that link (ATTACHMENT ) from being broken. It was very intriguing and exciting to pen a manuscript around the concept of that notion.

What is the main goal of your book?

Terrance Nathan: The main goal or moral inclination of “ATTACHMENT” is to simply state or tell the tale of the quote “Never become attached to anything that you can’t walk away from when time dictates that you should”.

Why did you choose your book cover?

Terrance Nathan: The creation of the book cover to “ATTACHMENT” was to give a little insight but still keep the content of the book a mystery. I also wanted a cover that would instill fright into its readers even before they begin the journey. I also wanted to challenge the readers. (Enter the world of “ATTACHMENT” if you dare.)

Is this book a part of a series? If it is, how many sequels are you planning to make?

Terrance Nathan: “ATTACHMENT” is a two-part story. I’m currently hard at work penning the next and final installment.

How did you pick the names of your characters? Are they inspired by real-life individuals?

Terrance Nathan: The concept of birthing a character’s name for a manuscript or movie is an interesting one. As I’m researching and developing my protagonist and antagonist personality I attach a name that will stick with the audience throughout and after they finish reading the book.

What can readers hope to learn from this book?

Terrance Nathan: I hope the readers can draw insight from this book as to when you attach yourself to a situation or relationship that you can’t or should not abandon when something or someone new arrives in your life. The other situation/person deserves closure.

Is this a new version?

Terrance Nathan: Yes, the new version of “ATTACHMENT” has an awesome new cover, very mysterious and spooky!

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