Online book tour 101: Tips you can do to make your event successful!

When it comes to promoting a new or re-branded book, authors turn to book tours for a more personalized approach. It’s considered to be one of the most effective ways to present the book to the public. However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, book tours are now unsafe, and authors are looking for innovative ways to continue promoting books without compromising health and safety protocols. Fortunately, authors can turn to the Internet and start a virtual book tour.

The entire setup of an online book tour differs heavily compared to real-life ones, yet they yield similar results. Aside from that, authors can get some benefits in going virtual. For instance, authors won’t have to worry about traveling from one state to the other. Not to mention the overall traveling expense. Online book tours also provide accessibility to audiences, allowing them to tune in to your tour anytime, anywhere.

To help you jumpstart your book launching plans, here are some of the tips you need to consider when it comes to organizing your own online book tour:

Display the event on your website

One of the most common mistakes most authors commit when it comes to organizing their one online book tour is they forget to put the event on their author website. It’s important to keep your target audience updated with your events, especially during these trying times. With a detailed schedule of the tour, your fans and followers will be able to choose the time for their convenience.

Post the event on social media platforms

If you want your online book tour to succeed, make sure to post the event and the schedule on your social media platforms. Your fans and followers, as well as your target audiences, probably will check on their accounts multiple times in a day. Posting the event will definitely catch their attention. Don’t forget to tag your guests to grasp more visibility.

Author tip: Make sure to post the event with a unique image or layout to attract your target audience. For instance, my book Attachment, a haunting horror story, has a unique cover that I also use when posting on social media platforms to attract specific audiences.

Interact with your fans

It’s safe to assume that not all of your fans, followers, and target audience are keen to use the Internet, nor have any idea on the details about your online book tour. Hence, it’s best to answer questions from your fans. FAQ’s from fans and audiences sometimes consist of location, date, and time. People might also ask about the format of your tour and where to purchase a copy of your book. Others will also ask you about your book or you as an author.

Author story: I will be conducting Attachment reading for family and friends, as well as to anyone who wants to listen to a haunting horror story.

Share a brief detail of your previous online book tour

If you had a successful online book tour weeks or months ago, it’s best to show a quick recap of the highlights of the tour by posting it as a new blog entry on your website or on your social media platform. Aside from informing your followers of a new tour, it also gives your target audience an impression of your credibility as an author.

Collaborate with other authors

Reaching out to authors, be it from the same genre or not, promote your book through online book tours situates you in the community and the author, attracting new audiences and followers. You can share and discuss ideas together on the tour for a more educational approach. Your partner author in your online book tour can be your close friend or a family member!

Whether you’re an independent author trying to reach a specific audience or a traditional author maximizing book sales, online book tours can definitely help especially during this pandemic. Follow these tips and you’re on your way to a fantastic author journey.

If you’re looking for a haunting horror story, you might want to check and grab a copy of my book Attachment at bookstores (any specific bookstores) in Washington, DC and Iowa City, IA.

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