Quick and Easy Tips to Manage Your Author Blog

There are plenty of reasons why you should start an author blog. From establishing credibility as an author, creating a strong online presence to racking traffic on your website. If your blog has a user-friendly interface and content, readers will likely share your website, attracting more visitors. If you want your readership to have a smooth and seamless experience, browsing and sharing your blog post, you’re on the right page. I will provide you some tips on how to manage your blog.

Focus on your blog design

As cliche as it sounds, the layout and design can make or break your blog. If you are not careful, you might drive your visitors and audiences elsewhere. If you have a minimalist layout, some people might misinterpret or find it difficult to see what your blog website offers. On the other hand, stuffing your blog with lots of designs and colors will only make your readers confused. My advice is to keep it simple and straightforward. Besides, your blog website is for people to read your posts, not only stare at them.

Add sidebars

Today, blog platforms and websites have various features that can make managing hassle-free and stress-free. For instance, sidebars provide easy access to you and to your readers when it comes to looking for options or tools that aren’t showcased on your home page or menu button. One popular tool that can be found in your sidebar should be the recently viewed posts or history. This will give your visitors a list of the blogs they’ve already opened, allowing them to save overall time when browsing.

Another must-have tool in the sidebar is the calendar. This is where you should synchronize all your events so that your fans and followers will be aware. Also, your calendar will constantly remind you of your upcoming events so you won’t forget about them.

Aside from that, a search function can greatly improve your visitor’s experience. It will be easy for them to find any specific book reviews or interviews you’ve posted in the past.

Include share functions

Every blog post should have a share function that will automatically post the article on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms.

If your blog posts are readable and shareable, your visitors will be delighted and will come back for more.

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