Starting your own blog? Check out these helpful tips to get you started!

Are you an independent author working on publishing your debut novel? If you are, it’s best if you consider making an author blog. Your blog will bear more content, especially if your first novel isn’t published yet because you can write about anything in your author journey, from sharing your writing process to publishing the book. However, creating a blog is no easy task, especially if you’re not that computer savvy. Don’t fret, I will give you some helpful tips to guide you through your blog creation process.

Take time to think about your blog title

Don’t just start an author blog just for the sake of having one. Not having a title for your blog is a disaster. The title will help your audience distinguish which is your author blog and which is your personal one. Aside from that, a unique blog title gives your visitors a preview of what you’re going to be writing about. Other author blogs have taglines that will keep them unique from other blogs while some prefer to use their pen name to be their blog title, however, it may be mistaken for a different person or blog.

Choose the right font

Blogs are meant to be read, hence, it’s important to note that choosing the right type of font spells a huge difference when it comes to the success of your blog. Font size matters, too! Glaring font designs, no doubt, are aesthetically pleasing. However, your blog is meant to be read and understood.

Author Experience: Aside from blogs, a readable font style and size helps a lot when it comes to the quality of your book. When I was writing my frightening horror story Attachment, I had a hard time choosing the font style. First, I picked the one that complements the genre of my book, however, it turned out to be glaring and annoying. With the right font style and size, your readers will definitely enjoy every sentence in your book and blog!

Pick a nice layout

Your author blog should have a nice and unique layout, making it easy for your visitors to navigate and explore the website. Surely, designs and aesthetics can add creativity but they should not drive your visitors out of your blog website. Also, if your blog displays too many ads on a single page, it can ruin the visitor’s experience, prompting them to close their browser or find another blog.

Create an interesting bio

Author blogs should have your bio as a signature. If your content is educational and interesting, readers will also want to know more about the person behind it. Make sure your bio has the important details about you as an author, as well as your published book, if you have one, and your contact info.

Starting your own author blog is easy, especially if you follow these tips.

You can check out my debut book Attachment, a frightening horror story for fans of the genre. You can grab a copy at select bookstores in Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR.

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