Things to Consider to Make Quality and Readable Articles in Your Author Blogs

When it comes to blogging, quality is king. However, it can be subjective and objective, depending on your audiences, fans, followers, audiences, and readerships consider as “quality.” It’s a broad term and it means different things to various people. It can be engaging content or it can be purely informative. However, when it comes to measuring the success of your author blog, there are more factors to consider. Read below to know more about quality blog posts that are readable and shareable.

Consider the length of your blog post

As an author, writing can sometimes be painful or fun, or both at the same time. There are moments that you want to write a blog and give all the information that you need while there are moments that you want to write a blog that’s brief and concise. In fact, word count may be considered as a factor when ranking your blog website on search engines. However, it’s the content quality that will keep your blog rising to the top. Maintaining quality content is key to acing your blog website.

Consider the format of your blog post

A wall of text is not something one would want to read, ever. In fact, most people will scan the entire post first and see if it’s not glaring to their eyes. A suitably formatted blog consists of paragraph breaks, indented paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, bolded and/or italicized phrases or words for emphasis, and alignment. These factors matter because it makes your blog post look formal, professional, and inviting.

Author Experience: Proper format can do a lot, not only in your author blog but also in your book. When I was writing Attachment, my debut horror story with a menacing protagonist, I usually write walls of texts. Later during the publication process, I found out that the right paragraph breaks will not only improve the reading experience of your readership but also it saves you a lot of trouble when it comes to corrections.

Consider the images in your blog post

What makes your blog post considered quality content is by including images. Whether it’s an infographic or a plain visual representation of your topic, images, coupled with the right captions and texts, evoke thoughts and emotions, which your readers find interesting and engaging. Aside from that, images can serve as the thumbnail when your blog post is shared on various social media platforms.

Consider the spice in your blog post

What makes a quality blog post is to get your readers involved in the topic. Are you talking about writing processes to authors? If you are, then you may include a question, asking them to share any struggles or obstacles they face relating to the topic. You may also add thought-provoking questions that will leave your readers pondering and coming back on your page seeking answers.

If you consider these factors in your blog post, you’ll be creating quality content in no time!

You can check out my debut novel Attachment. It’s a horror story about an editor and a writer who come into contact with a menacing entity from the past. Grab a copy from select bookstores in Atlanta, GA, and neighboring states.

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