Three Topics You Might Want to Consider Writing in Your Author Blog

I went out for a quick stroll one day and happened to pass a small stall offering free samples of pastries. I was delighted to be given some of the sweet goodies and was impressed by the taste. I found an excuse to go through the same street where the stall is located. Again, I was very pleased to be given another sample.

Finally, I gave in and bought myself a pack of pastries, which I consumed when I was writing my chilling horror story, Attachment.

A blog works similarly. Writers provide their readers with tiny bits of samples of their work to attract target audiences who will eventually buy the book. While an entire book takes a long time to finish, your blogs will help keep your fans, followers, and audiences updated until the launch of your new book or a sequel to your previous novel.

Starting a blog is never easy. There are various platforms you need to consider. Not to mention most authors might find it difficult to find the right voice for their blog or unsure what to write about. If you are one of those authors who struggle to create content for your author blog, here are few ideas that you might want to consider:

Consider writing about yourself Your fans and followers may know about you from your book or social media pages. Hence, it’s a good opportunity to let your audience know about your personal life on your author blog. Don’t worry, you won’t have to write about your secrets, private matters, or anything you don’t like sharing. You have to decide where to draw the line between appropriate and uncomfortable. Also, you might want to write about something that you haven’t shared on your social media pages. This way, your fans will know something new about yourself and will visit your blog more often for more. Author experience: Way back when I was writing my chilling horror novel, Attachment, I always try to share the things I do before or after writing a few chapters on social media. My friends were excited about the news and waited for more updates I post. Through blogging, you let your fans know what you’re doing so they’ll get invested with your stories. Not only you showcase your writing skills but you’re inviting your readers to be interested in your books.

Consider writing about World-building

Have you ever went through a process in writing your novel where you conceptualize the main elements of the story? If you have, it’s called world-building. Putting some deleted scenes or plots in your blog, as well as backstories of characters in your blog is not only insightful but educational as well. You can also provide some thoughts on how you come up with every chapter of your book and blog it as a series to hook fans and audiences. Sharing world-building in your blog not only gives your readers a reason to keep coming back for updates but also provides them a peek into the world in your novel that will pique their interest and encourage them to buy a copy of your novel once it’s out.

Author experience: When I was writing my debut novel Attachment, I enjoy world-building, specifically how I come up with a chilling story of the antagonist. World-building shapes the story as you go through every chapter of your book.

Consider writing about your writing process

To some, writing a book or novel is daunting. Sharing your creative process might encourage and inspire others to start writing stories and eventually make them into a novel.

These are some of the topics you might consider writing in your author blog to get your audience invested in your book.

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